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How Multiple intelligences theory can be used by teachers.

Over the past few decades, research in the field of learning has led to the discovery of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In short, this theory states that each person has different ways of learning and different intelligences they use in their daily lives. While some can learn very well in a linguistically-based environment (reading and writing), others are better taught through mathematical-logic based learning. Still others benefit most from body-kinesthetic intelligence (learning by doing with the hands).

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How prevent and manage ESL

Why a school dropout prevention course? In an era in which dropout rates are so high, it is important to help young people learn a method of study that is not limited to a lesson or a session. automatically throughout the school, for trials and errors, discovering your own most effective personal style. Often, this is not the case: these trials and errors undermine the self-esteem of children / teens with extremely negative results on the attributive motivational style and academic success.

Team building, classroom managing and emotional environment for learning.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” JD Rockefeller To be effective the classroom need to work together toward a common goal in a coordinated and cooperative way. Therefore you could say that team building is a systematic process designed to improve working relationships and team functioning such as problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution that enables the group to overcome any goal blocking barrier.

EUROPE FOR ALL promotes European opportunities and learning through experience, learning by doing, networking and exchange.

Internship Mobility Opportunity

Mobility vet internship accreditation ecvet sistem
Internship Health sector

Nursing and Doctor assistance , Internship clinical and holistic approach to enhancing the patient .. the Intern will do the work mobility experience in a health center with a italian staff ....

Internship Moda fashion and Design

The interns during their vet mobility internship, through a training project , will work in atelier, with a italian tailor,  very artisan of moda

Internship in italian restaurant

Restaurant Internship is intended for the students who want to make an experience in in Italian restaurant , in an italian restaurant, the interns will support the staff in any mantion in base at his profile and background

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