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Il progetto è indirizzato principalmente agli alunni che frequentano il secondo anno del seguente corso: Ciclos Formativos de Grado Medio Impartidos por Efa el Soto (Formazione professionale)

La scuola offre diverse specializzazioni, tra le quali:   lavoro forestale e conservazione ambientale. Produzione  agro-ecologica.

I partecipanti hanno un età compresa tra i 18 e i 21 anni, e stanno terminando il secondo ciclo previsto dal loro piano di studi. I ragazzi avranno un’ampia formazione nei settori nei quali realizzeranno il loro tirocinio. La formazione impartita ai ragazzi è prevalentemente teorica e pratica, fuori dall’ambito imprenditoriale .

Il progetto consiste nel far realizzare un tirocinio in una impresa italiana a 25 alunni, un tirocinio della durata di 30 giorni, in uno dei settori relazionati ai loro studi:  sfruttamento forestale, giardinaggio, caccia, agricoltura, industria agro-alimentare, pastorizia , centri equestri,  apicoltura, sfruttamento  biologico, parchi naturali, accompagnatori naturalistici ecc.

In questo modo integreranno la formazione impartita  nella nostra scuola con l’esperienza lavorativa, ciò  permetterà loro di migliorare le loro capacità sia tecniche che sociali. I partecipanti durante il progetto saranno accompagnati da due tutor della scuola che durante la mobilità realizzeranno un lavoro di appoggio e supervisione.

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Description of the course:  This intensive course is designed for students wishing to concentrate on improving their language skills in Italian and carry them to a higher advanced level.   The aim of the course is to make students acquire the ability to understand speeches of various length and follow even complex arguments.The aim of the course is to achieve a degree of fluency and spontaneity to interact with native speakers.

Students will acquire the ability to produce clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of cultural topics and current events of interest to them. The student will have the opportunity to use appropriate vocabulary in different situations, with special attention to the slang and modern idiomatic expression. Many practical tools and materials both for trainers and trainees will be supplied and at the end of the course  will be delivered a certificates, as requested in Erasmus Plus Programme.



·         To understand sentence-length utterances and longer stretches of connected discourse on a number of topics pertaining to different times and places;

·         Comprehend the foreign language with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short conversations

·         To achieve a degree of fluency and spontaneity to interact with native speakers.

·         To acquire the ability to produce clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of cultural topics and current events of interest.

·         negotiate the culture of the target language region(s);

·         develop an understanding for and appreciation of the complexities of the human experience across cultures.

·         The course for advanced students provides language skills equivalent to those certified by Celi5.

Methodology:  Our teaching method is based on communication. Students actively exercise the fundamental functions of the language. Particular attention is given to conversation, in order to develop students’ abilities to express themselves and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course. Naturally this method includes the study of the rules of syntax and grammar, as essential to Italian language learning, but which alone are insufficient for gaining a true command. Our Italian Language Course has been developed from a communicative based approach and focuses on the four language abilities: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


Our staff:  The teaching staff consists of experienced, university-trained professionals with a solid experience in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. Some teachers have worked abroad with students of very different nationalities and levels and have acquired a particular sensitivity to the specific demands of every participant.



1stDay: Meeting of participants and tutors, transport to the accommodation and room allocation.                           Welcome Day and presentation of the agenda for the upcoming days including information about Italian culture and Erasmus + and info about the Hosting Organization and the city of Nicotera. Students will learn about important issues about the history and traditions of Nicotera and on the courses’ framework.

2ndDay: 3 hours Italian Language Class: Grammar Refresher. Imperative, past participle, and present perfect of regular verbs and of some more frequent irregular verbs. 3 hours Guided Cultural Tour: Visiting the city, the historical center and the main attractions and museums with an Italian Guide.


3rd Day: 3 hours Italian Language Class: Transitive and intransitive verbs, auxiliaries ESSERE and AVERE. Irregular nouns and adjectives (gender and number). Possessive adjectives and pronouns. 2 hours Cultural Lesson:  History of Italian Cinema. Film time at school: “La vita è bella” during the afternoon.

4th Day: 3 hours Italian Language Class: Articulated adverbs and prepositions. Negative and declarative sentences.  Italian language and words with double meaning. Italian language oral and written exercises. 3 hours’ workshop and lesson: Italian gastronomy with a practical demonstration in the laboratory  on how to make homemade pasta and pizza.

5th Day: 3 hours Italian Language Class: Advanced Lexis relating to communicative situations most frequent in everyday life. The use of complex prepositions. The Italian Language throughout the centuries.  3 hours field workshop:  Popular traditions in Italy and social identity. The gestures of the Italians. Dinner at Mediterranean restaurant, discovering Italian food practicing with native Italian youngsters.

6th Day: 3 hours Italian Language Class: The use of the subjunctive through conversation and written texts. Comprehension Test and Oral exercises.  Half day excursion:  Public Library, Meeting with an Italian Writer and Conference about Italian Literature. Question Time with students and staff.

7thDay: 3 hours Italian Language Class: Preparation to the exam. The language of young people and  “street” language  through scenes of Italian films.

8th Day: Final exam, final discussion about the results of the project. Certificate ceremony and preparations for leaving.

Sessions :  

From  03/07/2016   to 10/07/2016
From  17/07/2016   to 24/07/2016
From  31/08/2016   to 07/08/2016 (depends of numbers of students) 

From  07/09/2016  to 14/09/2016
From  14/09/2016  to 21/09/2016
from  21/09/2016   to 28/09/2016 


Italian Language Courses

Italian language course..

The Europe for all created an language centre. We start to promote the Italian language department of cultural promotion who is determined to ensure the success of the organisation through the numerous experiences acquired in different natural and international schools.
All of our courses are of different time durations and are available at different periods throughout the year. The success is totally personalized so as to adapt to the needs and tastes of each student .

There are four different types of courses:

Holiday: 10 lessons a week

Standard: 20 lessons a week

Intensive: 30 lessons a week

Individual: 20 or 30 lessons a week

EUROPE FOR ALL Organises the language course in differents places …..



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Italian language course..

Italian language course..








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New project proposal

Erasmus plus

Europe For All  is looking for partners: “ERASMUS PLUS ” project (KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for youth– Deadline 1st October 2015)

Our organization “EUROPE FOR ALL” ( is going to apply at the next deadline of Erasmus KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for youth, a project proposal.

We are looking for partners from 12 countries:. Our project is focused on non-formal learning activities for 18-30 years old youngsters, that will lead them to the acquisition of important skills  in the field of sustainable tourism

If you want to be our partners please contact us at specifying “Erasmus Plus KA2 Youth Exchange” and your PIC Number in the subject

Please, take into account that the deadline for creating the project network is:
Wednesday 23th September 2015

Best regards,

Antonio Corigliano
Europe For All – Italy