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The course has been created for English language teachers and teachers of other foreign languages, who want to incorporate more creative language teaching methods in their classrooms and share their knowledges and experiences with other language teachers from around Europe. Participants will incorporate Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Task Based Learning, Content Integrated Language Learning (CLIL), and authentic materials integrating all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in creative ways. There will also be a focus on how storytelling, movie-making, drama and class publications can enhance language lessons and make classroom activities more interesting and fun. Teachers will also learn more about learning through specific contexts, student versus teacher roles, classroom management, and reflective teaching practice. By the end of the course participants will have learned how to maintain student motivation and how to create and maintain an effective and stimulating learning environment in the classroom.

from 12/02/2017 to 25/02/2017

from 09/04/2017 to 22/04/2017

from 11/06/2017 to 24/06/2017

from 17/09/2017 to 29/09/2017

You will receive a certificate from Europe for all for Professional Training
To give participants an adequate grounding in the Montessori principle and philosophy.
To understand basically child psychology and child development.
To value the teaching aids developed by Maria Montessori
To learn the Montessori environment and the role of a Montessori director.
To stimulate moral and ethical education
The course aims to develop teachers’ comprehension of improvisation methodology for use in the language classroom and to enhance classroom teacher performance and explore effective professional communication and foreign language skills 
  In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, we are going to develop our courses based in both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll start with an introduction of the new methodology and also with a theoretical approach. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like: study cases, conferences with responsible staff of enterprises

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1th Day2th Day3th Day4th Day5th Day6th Day7th Day8th Day9th Day10th Day11th Day12th Day13th Day
Transfer from the airport to accommodation and room allocation. Welcome Meeting. Rules applicable in Italy, information about the city and general information about the Programme. Lesson :Managing participant’s expectations about the “INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE” course, Walking tour of historic City.
Lesson : Presentation of the Italian educational system and Group coordination, dynamics and bonding. Introduction to the different innovative methods for teaching a foreign language. Discovering the techniques provided by the American university professor Douglas Brown. Needs and setting goals and project

Lesson esson: Specific Lesson on Innovative method, learning by play. How to use the game in class. Some examples of language games.

Lesson Our status in the classroom and its relevance to teaching. Classroom management through role play.
Lesson on  Cooperative learning, problem solving, and metacognition, to stimulate cognitive and social skills, with the aim to motivate the modern teaching not limited just to the disciplinary aspect
Cultural activities
Cultural activities

Lesson : Drama method: Voice play. Stressing, intonation and coloring the language and pronunciation. Making text live. Voice and text interpretation.

Lesson : Guided tour in a secondary school: we observe together the methods used by foreign teachers. Brainstorming.

Lesson on Natural Approach by S. Kasher Method: The foreign language is learned through a process of spontaneous acquisition. The teacher presents a comprehensible language input, paying attention to the needs and requirements of each student

 Lesson on TPR Total Physical Response by JJ Asher method: Learning a foreign language is intuitively and is based on the association command verbal / physical response with a total involvement.

Lesson on TPR Total Physical Response by JJ Asher method: Learning a foreign language is intuitively and is based on the association command verbal / physical response with a total involvement. Certificate Ceremony and overall evaluation meeting with the host organization and the beneficiaries.

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