November 3, 2016

Italian Language Department

Italian Language Department


Italian language department
The Department , Italian Language of  Europe For All,  It boasts large, well l it classrooms, a reading room (with TV and DVD) and a coffee bar where one can enrich their linguistic knowledge in a relaxing comfortable environment. Our Italian Language programs are designed for non-native speakers. The objective of Italian Language Department is to creat e a family environment


Our teachers
The Italian Language School offers highly qualified teachers who are both cordial and available to help you at all times: All of our teachers are degreed language teachers who have specialized in language studies in the best Italian universities. They know how to make learning Italian a unique experience with maximum respect to time and to the needs of each student .

Thanks to the experience and flexibility of our teacher s , the school guarantees an easy acquisition and quick comprehension of both the written and spoken Italian Language. Our method, inspired by the most modern techniques available, aim to provide concrete results in the shortest time possible ( It is our experience that a period of at least two weeks is needed in order to obtain a sufficient conversational level ), to know and to love the fascinating Italian Language

Standard: 20 lessons a week
Systematic acquisition of skills covering all aspects of the language; broadening of grammar, structure and vocabulary; intensive training in oral and written expression; study of Italian culture and civilisation.


Intensive: 30 lessons a week
In addition to the Standard Course, the Intensive Course offers 10 lessons of intensive oral communication and a deeper look into Italian culture and civilisation.


Individual course 20 or 30 lessons :
In addition to the Standard Course, Individual course l: 20 or 30 lessons a week . Ideal for professionals, managers and all who only have a short time available to study.


Erasmus plus Italian language course 

Europe for all Italian language department , in the framework of Erasmus plus 
project , organises many project of Italian language course in different levels......

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