November 2, 2016

Internship Milan

Europe for all Hosting organisation Milan

Europe For All, as hosting organization, is able to manage work placements and vocational training for citizens from all over the world , in Milan , especially for students, workers and teachers, in the frame of mobility projects  Europe For All has an extended experience in searching and in the choice of the company that is best adapted to the curriculum, work experiences and language level of the participants.

In the context of all mobility project , Europe For All organizes professional visits to companies in different sectors, professional seminars and follow-up meetings. Europe For All provides, as hosting organization, the following services:

Our Services as Hosting organisation


Europe For All organizes educational internships for students, workers and teachers from all over Europe. The association Europe for all can organize a wide range of trainings according to the preferences of the participants;  for each of them the association Europe For All will research and choose the company that is best adapted to their curriculum, to their previous professional experience and to their level of  Italian language.

The participant will carry out his/her internship in a company of a particular sector that is part of the Europe For All database, and therefore, that it has been previously selected by the staff of the same  association, who took on the task to verify the quality of services and the way of how these are being offered, the professionalism of the staff and of course the volume and quality of work that companies are able to offer.



During all  the development of the project, each student is assisted by two tutors , the tutor of the association Europe For All and the tutor within the company of his/her work placement. The tutor of the association will follow the participant for the entire period , both inside and outside of the company , by verifying continually the correct pursuit of the project.  The tutor of the company will closely follow the participant during his/her training within the company and remains in constant contact with the tutor of the association.
In this way we can assure a constant monitoring of everything in the project implementation.
The association Europe For All organizes regular meetings and individual interviews with participants in order to monitor properly the progress of the program, and resolving in this way any problem that may arise.

The meetings will be the as follows:
- An Opening Meeting for introductions.
- Follow-up meetings and individual interviews are held almost every day during the first part of the program - the language course .
- During the training period collective meetings are organized regularly .
- Individual interviews with participants to solve problems are set according to the needs of the participants                        .          
- The final evaluation meeting takes place at the end of the participants' stay in Italy.

The achievement of the project objectives, in addition to the participants’ professional and cultural backgrounds, are discussed and evaluated. Participants are also given instructions for departure. Europe For All has frequent contact with the heads of all institutions , where there are participants .
These procedures represent a great value for the proper monitoring of beneficiaries and the project development                                    .



The Italian language courses are held by qualified teachers specialized in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language. Depending on the language level of the participants, they will be organized in different language courses: basic, intermediate and advanced                                     .

For each level, the teaching method is mainly based on communication and conversation, making sure that participants could develop the four main functions of  language : listening, speaking, writing and reading.

During the lectures is given special importance to communication and conversation, in order to make easier for participants the way to express themselves in everyday conversation, to facilitate their everyday life abroad.

During the lessons, the adopted methods will make the course more attractive and stimulating, in fact, in addition to  the grammar books and materials, participants will enjoy the use of an array of educational tools, movies, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, that will be delivered during the course   so it will make easier the comprehension of the new language.




The participants are usually accommodated in shared apartments with other students; these apartments are supplied with all the equipments so it will facilitate the stay of participants for longer periods, as required by some projects especially Erasmus plus Vet projects.
In the case of projects involving short periods, the association Europe For All provides the accommodation in apartments or in residences.

All types of accommodation are carefully chosen by the association Europe For All and managed directly by the same association; this simplifies the treatment and allows that lodgings are always in perfect conditions, besides they always meet the needs of the participants in mobility projects.
In some cases, the association also provides accommodation in host family.


CERTIFICATE:  In collaboration with the sending organization, Europe For All completes the european certificate, so, when it will be ready, the association will also inform the participants. 

FINAL REPORT:  Once the project is finished, the association Europe For All, as hosting organization will draft a final report of the entire project with all the information concerning each phase of the same. This document will be delivered, together with other documents, to the sending organization.


Europe For All, as hosting organization, coordinates the transfer of participants from their arrival in Italy until their departure time                                                          
The transfer is managed by a representative of the association with an adequate means of transport for groups, from the airport to their accommodation, where they will receive the welcome pack. Inside there will be a variety of useful information that will facilitate the movements and the adaptability of participants in the host country                                                   .     
Europe For All constantly takes care of the different transfers that could be organized throughout  the host country. In addition, the association also provides the transfer from the accommodation to  the airport, at the departure time.


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