June 17, 2016

Erasmus plus Hosting organisation

Europe For All, as hosting organization, is able to manage work placements and vocational training for citizens from all over Europe, especially for students, workers and teachers, in the frame of the European programmes that stimulate the mobility of people for encrease their capacities through the training activities like: Erasmus plus, Cosme, National programmes.
Europe For All has an extended experience in searching and in the choice of the company that is best adapted to the curriculum, work experiences and language level of the participants.

Europe For All provides, as hosting organization, the following services:
Management and coordination of the project;
Information to participants;
Transfer to and from the airport;
Possibility of restaurant (where the sending organization requires it)
Visits educational techniques
Seminars and Conference (if the project involves)
Local transport;
Course of Italian / English
Cultural activities
Continuous monitoring of the participant;
final report
Europass Mobility Certificate

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