June 16, 2016

Italian language school

Italian school 

Based in the centre of Milan, Europe for all’s organisational structure offers a wide variety of Italian language and culture courses for foreigners.  Since its establishment, the organization has hosted over 7,000 international students from 35 countries in Europe and around the world.  Since 2011, Italian language and culture courses have been a reference point for our students. The professionalism that distinguishes our staff has made our structure grow exponentially.

We have qualified teachers who have many years of experience in public and private teaching. All offered in the magical setting of Milan. 

All students have the opportunity to experience an Italian, urban and contemporary lifestyle in the most dynamic city in Italy. Thanks to the flexibility and customization of the programs, it is possible to combine two courses in the same week.  In fact, our center also offers a wide variety of cultural courses: Italian cooking course, photography course, cultural excursions in the city etc.

The classes are composed of students of different nationalities 




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