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20154 Milano (MI) IT


Project Info
Course center Provider: Europe for all
PIC: 948745070 OID: E10049367

Locations: Milano Italy;
Category: Teaching Method


A Web 2.0 website allows users to interact and collaborate with each other through social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community.

Examples of Web 2.0 features include social networking sites or social media sites, blogs, wikis, Web applications (“apps”), collaborative consumption platforms, and mashup applications.



A user is invited to contribute to the site’s content by commenting on published articles, or creating a user account or profile on the site, which may enable increased participation. By increasing emphasis on these already-extant capabilities, they encourage users to rely more on their browser for user interface, application software (“apps”) and file storage facilities.
Web 2.0 offers almost all users the same freedom to contribute. This opens the possibility for serious debate and collaboration.


Web 2.0 could allow for more collaborative education.
Blogs give students a public space to interact with one another and the content of the class.
Web 2.0 can increase the public’s understanding of science, which could improve government policy decisions.
This increase could then lead to better communication between researchers and the public, more substantive discussion, and more informed policy decision.
Know that proper communication facilitates running a business and allows for optimal decision making.
Recgnize the role of management in enterprises / institutions



Day 1

-Welcome Meeting.
-Rules applicable in Italy, information about Milano and general information about the Programme.
-Managing partecipant’s expectations about the program.
-Needs analysis, presentation of the program, bibliographic and study material indications, question time
-Social activities

Day 2
-Introduction to Web 2.0 Content Development and Management.
-Norms and Guidelines of Content Development workshop

Day 3
-Creating Digital Graphics
-Audio Production and Editing

Day 4
-Web Hosting and Managing Multimedia Content
-Creating and Maintaining a Wiki Site workshop

Day 5
-Screen casting Tools and Techniques
-Multilingual Content Development
-Planning and Developing Dynamic Web Content Sites
-Website Design Using CSS

Day 6
-Creating and Maintaining a WIKI Sit
-Creating and Managing a Blog Site workshop
-E- Publication Concept

Day 7
-Introduction to Moodle
-Creating a New Course and Uploading
-Final evaluation, providing course materials and the certificate of participation.



from 21/01/2024 to 27/01/2024
from 07/04/2024 to 13/04/2024
from 09/06/2024 to 15/06/2024
from 14/07/2024 to 20/07/2024
from 29/09/2024 to 05/10/2024
from 01/12/2024 to 07/12/2024


from 19/01/2025 to 25/01/2025
from 21/09/2025 to 27/09/2025
from 07/12/2025 to 13/12/2025


The dates may be changed by according the needs of the participants .

We can also provide at accomodation, airport services etc.

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