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Europe For all is a non-profit organization that operates throughout the Italian national territory. It was regularly founded in 2010 by young people with decades of consolidated experience in the field of transnational training and has been present in Milan and Pavia for 10 years, and supports businesses, schools, public and private bodies in the following services:

Preliminary consultancy and project analysis: At the center of a dense network of partners, the Europe for staff carefully views the request received for the realization of a project. Based on the request, and on the profile of the applicant, it analyzes the topic of the project and identifies the community or national program suitable to support its feasibility

Consulting, coordination and drafting of the project: Europe for all is able to coordinate and support the partner in the drafting of the project or draft the project on behalf of the requesting partner. Therefore, once the roles have been identified, Europe fo all develops the project idea and identifies the most useful partners for the project in question. During this phase, everyone will be assigned a well-defined task: project idea development, partner identification, budget creation.

• Project and network management: thanks to the proven experience in the coordination of dozens of projects, Europe for all is able to support the partner in the economic management of the project at every phase


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