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Organisation educational visit

Erasmus plus – Organisation educational visit

Europe for all, as part of the Erasmus mobility programs aimed mainly at adults, staff or teachers, organizes , also, education visits.
The education visits are carried out by the Europe for all staff and upon request by the project leader. Usually these visits are carried out to increase the training or job shadowing period foreseen for mobile participants. An education visit can be organized in public or private structures, these are chosen by Europe for all on the basis of their characteristics and on the basis of the topic of the project in question.

The choice of the host company is very selective and must meet several criteria, in order:


The corporate mission in line with the project’s topic

• The quality of the services / products offered

• Availability

The education visit will normally last over 3 hours, during which the participants will discuss with the directors, visit the company spaces and check the programs of job .



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