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Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Erasmus plus – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

The strategic partners aim at the development, transfer and / or implementation of innovative practices and the implementation of joint initiatives and the promotion of peer learning and the exchange of experiences at European level. (ERASMUS GUIDE PROGRAM)

Europe for all thanks to the previous experience in the LLP partnership program, has acquired many years of experience both in strategic partnerships Adult education, Vocational educational training, and Youth. In all measures Europe for all is active as a partner in projects made by other European institutions, and is also active as a partner applicant.

Europe for all, has a staff made up mainly of teachers, psychologists, educators, animators, market researchers, and European designers who are constantly active in the association’s activities. The tools used to create non-formal teaching are workshops, seminars, discussion groups online collaborative education methodologies
In this context which it favors with the intention of producing output in partnership with other European organizations that will be useful to every idivudio, Efa develops:
➢ professional and informative cultural and linguistic workshops, conferences of training activities (seminars, workshops, etc.)
➢ Structured training courses for the new teaching methods; Organizing intercultural training and activities for trainees,
➢ The elaboration of studies, strategies and action plans for political issues on exclusion and for disadvantaged social groups, the management of research projects,
➢ Studies and surveys on technological, educational, social, economic and labor issues of institutions that directly or indirectly affect those belonging to disadvantaged – vulnerable social groups
➢ Planning, management, implementation and evaluation of human resource development activities and programs, particularly in education, training and employment for unemployed and employees belonging to disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups.
➢ Creation of language training platforms suitable for the integration of immigrant
➢Organizing intercultural training and activities for teachers and school staff both at local and international levels.
➢Organizing LTTA for teacher and school staff

Our Experiences :

Project : Agent for Inclusion

Our project aims to equip people with fewer opportunities, such as immigrants, women, and long-term unemployed individuals, with the tools and knowledge to carry out a social project. Through this initiative, we seek to enhance their skills and competencies to facilitate their entry into the labor market and empower them in relation to the broader society.

Social and public organizations or institutions play a crucial role: they are effective agents of social transformation and possess greater capacities to promote equal opportunities and social inclusion within their communities.

As stated, the project will engage women, immigrants, and long-term unemployed individuals (both men and women). The diversity of target profiles chosen for the project will foster deeper cooperation among individuals and, consequently, a synergy that we hope will result in the creation of more sophisticated and precise outcomes. Only through cooperation and the acceptance of diversity can people expand their minds and progress towards new and promising horizons, such as social and economic self-development.

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Project : English for senior, practicing english with Montessori Method.

This project intend to reach many results starting from a simple sentence: Seniors have much more to do and know than you think! Our long term aim is to build bridges through aged persons in different european countries. The crucial point is to experiment english, use it for communicate and not just teach it in traditional theorical way. You can use the Montessori method to teach the elderly by creating places where you learn English, experiment with English and participate socially in European culture and at the same time: the EnForSe Corners! During their activities these EnForSe Corners will give opportunities for meetings between Seniors who live in different countries and who use English to communicate. Through this project we will introduce to the Montessori Method a sort number of teachers and adult trainers in the field of language learning as for adults ……

Project : MMTLA – Teaching 2nd Language to Adults.

Our project will offer the opportunity to a set of different participating countries, already involved in adult learning, to work together, pooling knowledge and experience, in order to achieve concrete and innovative good examples to exchange in a common European vision:
-definition (hypothesis based on research) of one of the most efficient learning and teaching methods
,Montessori,in language teaching to adults, low qualified adults and immigrants over +16.
– multimedia guidelines for the experimentation of a training course for language teachers.
– face-to-face and online trainings for language teachers on Montessori Method in Language teaching to adults a training course for teaching language to adults with different backgrounds, and needs

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