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Strategic Partnerships for Youth

Erasmus plus – Strategic Partnerships for Youth

This action supports the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices, as well as joint initiatives for cooperation, peer learning and exchange of good practices at European level. This application form should be used for Strategic Partnership that will be focused primarily on priorities related to the youth field.

EUROPE FOR ALL chose well-known qualified companies according to the participant’s profile and the project’s objective. Each company is already part of our association’s database, previously selected by a dedicated staff member who evaluated them on the basis of: quality and procedure of the services offered, professionalism and amount of work the companies can manage.

Following the selected companies for this particular project, where the apprentice will do his/her internship:


Thanks to its planning channels and the different work experiences that its staff has, EUROPE FOR ALL is also working in the role of coordinator organization in many EU projects, taking care of the smallest aspects. The competences of the association in this field are:


  • The diffusion of the announcement through the usual channels of information: information plaques, publication in periodicals and newspapers of regional circulation.
  • Collaboration for the selection of participants.
  • Dissemination of results through seminars, conferences, and media.
  • Monitoring of the training for each participant during the period of stay in the host country.
  • At the participants return it will be organized a reintegration plan with an experienced staff specialized in sociology.
  • Realization of an accurate assessment in order to verify the educational and training level of growth of participants, by way of individual interviews.
  • Distribution, through its information channels and not only, of the participants’ CV with the intent to promote employment.
  • Drafting of contracts, agreements and protocols with the entire partnership network, as a guarantee to maintain commitments .


Europe for all  has many year of experience in this sectors ,  we were applicant in many projects who  simulating the adults educations trough the Leaonardo da vicni partnership and Grundgtvig . In the framework of Erasmus plus KA2 we are applicant and partners in many projects.  Our training programs (as promoter and coordinator as well as hosting organization) have been fully designed to prepare people to live, work and gain experience in a foreign country, and to have you get the best results both personally and professional as well.

Moreover,  we work in:

  • Arranging intercultural educational workshops/meetings.
  • Organizing intercultural training and activities for trainees,
  • Organizing intercultural training and activities for teachers and school staff both at local and international levels.

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