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20154 Milano (MI) IT

COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT: metodologies and good practices

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Course center Provider: Europe for all
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Locations: Milano Italy;
Category: Teaching Method


Knows the basic principles and concepts of the theory of organization and management from its first creators to modern times, list the various schools that make up the history of this discipline.
Knows the principles of evaluation of entrepreneurial and effective activities and proper communication within the organization as well as its surroundings and how to define and select the correct type of organizational structure of the company (eg service, production) with the selected activity profile.


Can select appropriate methods and tools for description and analysis of the problems and areas of the organization and its environment and assessing their suitability and effectiveness.
Can classify organizational structures useful for a given type of sports and tourist organization taking into account the specificity of their activities.
Can design organizational structures for a selected company.


Is aware that knowledge in the scope of the organization’s functioning as well as methods of managing it depends on many macroeconomic factors in the country and in the world, and consequently is not stable and requires constant updates and adjustments to new trends prevailing in the global economy.
Is aware that proper communication facilitates running a business and allows for optimal decision making.
Is prepared to initiate and actively participate in the work of interdisciplinary teams in the work environment and beyond.

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Business people in a meeting



Day 1 :

-Welcome Meeting.
-Rules applicable in Italy, information about Milano and general information about the Programme.
-Managing partecipant’s expectations about the program.
-Social activities

Day 2:

-Introduction to Communication Management
-Definition of communication

Day 3 :

-Non-verbal communication.
-Worhshop on Organisational communication.

Day 4 :

-Communication barriers.
-Workshop on Interpersonal communication.

Day 5 :

-Written communication.
-E-mail and its effect on communication in organisations.

Day 6 :

– Effect of the personal computer and the Internet on communication.
– Group communication.
– Oral communication.
– Graphic communication.
– Mass media and advertising.

Day 7 :

– Mass media and advertising.
– Final evaluation, providing course materials and the certificate of participation.
– Cerimony of certication



from 21/01/2024 to 27/01/2024
from 09/06/2024 to 15/06/2024
from 29/09/2024 to 05/10/2024


from 23/03/2025 to 29/03/2025
from 22/06/2025 to 28/06/2025
from 16/11/2025 to 22/11/2025

The dates may be changed by according the needs of the participants .

We can also provide at accomodation, airport services etc.

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