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Project Info
Course center Provider: Europe for all
PIC: 948745070 OID: E10049367

Locations: Milano Italy;
Category: ICT


The COVID-19 pandemic situation highlighted the problem of fake and misleading news sources, especially within the context of online social networks. While using misinformation strategically is not new to social and political discourse, the complexity of the Internet media environment has increased the difficulty of evaluating information quality. This course will examine the phenomenon of “fake news” from sociological and historical perspectives, and will explore analytical strategies for evaluating and verifying media sources.


Each day, the instructor will pose a question related to the course materials assigned. Trainees will discuss it in groups and prepare a short response, which will be discussed during the workshops [afternoons] to help direct and focus the course discussions. Trainees should also include any questions they have about the daily’s reading in these responses.

This class is conducted in a workshop format and contains a large discussion component. Attendance and participation is therefore critical to success in the course. Attendance will be taken at each class.


Upon successful completion of this course, trainees will be able to identify sources of false or misleading information on a variety of media platforms, evaluate news and other information outlets for bias, verify information claims using online tools and describe how news items are created and disseminated across different types of media and social networks

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Day 1
–Welcome Meeting.
-Rules applicable in Italy, information about Milano and general information about the Programme.
-Managing partecipant’s expectations about the program.
-Needs analysis, presentation of the program, bibliographic and study material indications, question
– social activities

Day 2
“Information Evaluation Skills & Practices”

Day 3
“Misinformation Outlets and the “Fake News Cycle” workshop

Day 4
“Social Media & the Misinformation Ecosystem”

Day 5

“ Information Verification Strategies” workshop

Day 6
“Engaged Digital Citizenship & Final Projects”

Day 7 :
Final evaluation, providing course materials and the certificate of participation



from 07/04/2024 to 13/04/2024
from 09/06/2024 to 15/06/2024
from 29/09/2024 to 05/10/2024


from 23/03/2025 to 29/03/2025
from 22/06/2025 to 28/06/2025
from 16/11/2025 to 22/11/2025

The dates may be changed by according the needs of the participants .

We can also provide at accomodation, airport services etc.

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