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Course center Provider: Europe for all
PIC: 948745070 OID: E10049367

Locations: Milano Italy; Cork Ireland ;
Category: Teaching Method


Learn to say what you mean and understand what is being said in English. Reach the point of really being able to interact in English. In addition, you will develop your knowledge of language (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) in the context of general business topics. Many practical tools and materials both for trainers and trainees will be supplied, and at the end of the course will be delivered a certificates, as requested in Erasmus Plus



The Get Going Method has a unique approach that takes you to where you are able to actually interact in English. According to your starting level that is ascertained through an especially designed entry test, with a weekly lesson of 1 hour in small groups , in few lessons you will be able to reach the next CEFR level.



If you choose this course, you will be able to actually and effectively interact in English. Your will reach the point in which you will be able to say what you mean and mean what you say.



Day 1 :
-Welcome Meeting.
-Rules applicable in Italy, information about Milano and general information about the Programme.
-Managing partecipant’s expectations about the program.
-Social activities

Day 2:
-Assessment of the participant through an Placement Test.
-Lesson: notions of basic grammar.
-English business Class: Parts of a computer.

Day 3:
-English business Class: elementary vocabulary for work and business.
-How to talk about your own work. Let’s focus on some kinds of jobs.
-How to write a business email: English framework in writing.

Day 4:
-English business Class: Days and Dates in English, Making
-Arrangements. Booking details useful for organizing a business schedule and points in agenda for a meeting.

Day 5 :
-English business Class: English for Meetings. The structure of a typical business meeting.
-How to prepare a business meeting power-point presentation: “breaking it down into slides”. Common phrases to use during presentations.

Roles in formal meetings. Who does what? Common phrases to use in meetings. Minutes and notes.

Day 6:

-English business Class: Jobs / Work and Professions.
-Common Job Interview Questions (and answers).
-Preparing for a Job Interview. Workshop.

Day 7 :
English business Class: basic communication with clients and colleagues, development of communication skills in English.
-Common phrases to use when greeting visitors. Workshop. Certificate ceremony and preparations for leaving.


from 21/01/2024 to 27/01/2024
from 07/04/2024 to 13/04/2024
from 09/06/2024 to 15/06/2024
from 14/07/2024 to 20/07/2024
from 29/09/2024 to 05/10/2024
from 01/12/2024 to 07/12/2024


from 13/04/2025 to 19/04/2025
from 20/07/2025 to 26/07/2025
from 14/12/2025 to 20/12/2025

The dates may be changed by according the needs of the participants .

We can also provide at accomodation, airport services etc.

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