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Sexual education in school

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In Italy, the debate on the introduction of sex education at school has arisen since the early years of the last century. In 1902, the Minister of Education answered a question asking for the introduction of sexual hygiene courses for the prevention of venereal diseases in the last years of schools. A few years later, in correspondence with a significant increase in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, indications were given for prevention in schools. Only after 1968, as a result of the social and cultural changes that have taken place, did the question really begin to be posed in terms that are not only healthier, but also of an education to sexuality inserted within the framework of a harmonious development of the personality.
Nowadays, living your sexuality in a harmonious way is becoming more and more difficult. Encouraging in children a conscious development of the emotional and sexual aspects that distinguish relationships, of whatever nature they may be, is one of the objectives of sex education at school.

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From this it follows that sexuality education cannot be understood as a simple transmission of information, but must be framed in the more global context of the development of the person’s communication and relational skills.

This and much other information can be understood by young people in an atmosphere of mutual trust and listening. Professional figures, properly trained, offer young people the opportunity to acquire correct and not misleading information on romantic relationships and intimacy.

A greater awareness of psycho-relational and sexual development, one’s own and that of others, allows for a more serene individual development. Sex education, therefore, can currently be understood as a general educational project for the development of the personality in its entirety and of the potential of each one. A modern project must respond to the dual need to provide correct biological information associated with a socio-affective education that allows us to know not only the anatomy of the sexual organs, but also the relational and social functions related to them.

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  • Sex education in schools therefore has the task of:
    • promote respect for one’s own and other people’s bodies, both in constant change and transformation in that specific phase of life;
    • promote the reduction of unprotected sexual activities, through the knowledge and use of precautions, with the aim of reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and incurring unwanted pregnancies;
    • build relationships based on mutual respect, despite individual differences;
    • avoid the creation of rigid and stereotyped relational models.
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Day 1
-Welcome time –
-needs analysis, –
-presentation of the program, bibliographic and study material indications, question time

Day 2
-I ACTIVATION: study case, workshop, presentation and discussion about results, critical approach to the case, question time

Day 3
-What sexual education does it really mean,
-parents approach to sexual education in school;
-project implemented in Italy, question time

Day 4
-The european dimension of the sexual education in school.
-examples and activities. Question time

Day 5
-II ACTIVATION: workshop on positives aspects and critical aspect of a sexual education programme in school;
-Presentation and discussion about results,question time.

Day 6
School visits, meeting with staff and headteacher in schools that work on this topic.

Day 7
Final evaluation, providing course materials and the certificate of participation.
– Certificate Ceremony


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