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Project Info
Course center Provider: Europe for all
PIC: 948745070 OID: E10049367

Locations: Milano/PAVIA Italy;
Category: Teaching Method


Teach people in a holistic way , let them perceive that teachers and coaches of tomorrow will change their way of teaching in a sense of living together with nature and animals



Systemic approach to teaching and coaching by the systemic method based on the ideas of steve de shazer, the school of Milano, Martin Buber and others. Methodology: holistic approach by methods used for conflict management, personality development, non violent communication, intercultural management, non verbal communication. Innvoative methods: using the sensibility of animals (in this case of horses). Introduce them like Co-trainers.



Curriculum of systemic learning, teaching and coaching which can be used in the coaching context, in a professional context, in school teaching
Learning and Teaching material.



Day 1:

-Welcome Meeting.
-Rules applicable in Italy, information about PAVIA and general information about the Programme.
-Managing partecipant’s expectations about the program.
-Social activities

Day 2:

-Introduction into systemic learning and teaching and coaching: the attitude of the teachers in teaching,
-holistic view of learning and teaching, theory and training activities

Day 3:

-Non violent communication, dealing with belief sets,
-introduction into a mini systemic constellation work, values and their impact in teaching and coaching,
-theory and activities

Day 4 :

-Activating the sensorial channels and individual resources for dealing with conflicts and for the personality development, theory and activities

Day 5 :

-Introduction into the dialog/conversation focused on finding solutions,
-Theory and activities

Day 6:

-The impact of nature on teaching, learning and teaching.
-Outside day with activities

Day 7:

-Final evaluation.
-Certificate of attendance.


from 21/11/2021 to 27/11/2021

from 16/01/2022 to 22/01/2022
from 27/03/2022 to 02/04/2022
from 08/05/2022 to 14/05/2022
from 19/06/2022 to 25/06/2022
from 18/09/2022 to 24/09/2022
from 06/11/2022 to 12/11/2022
from 04/12/2022 to 10/12/2022

The dates may be changed by according the needs of the participants .

We can also provide at accomodation, airport services etc.

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