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Transnational Project Meeting -Montessori Method in Teaching 2nd Language to Adults-

Transnational Project Meeting -Montessori Method in Teaching 2nd Language to Adults-

Montessori Method in Teaching 2nd Language to Adults
Transnational Project Meeting Częstochowa, 20-21.09.2021

During the Montessori Method Project meeting we had a great time with our international partners once again; this time in the beautiful city of Czestochowa, Poland, organized by our polish partner. We had a chance to visit their educational institution and also meet up with the stakeholders during the meetings. Medine, our turkish friend and the Coordinator of the project, introduced the Montessori method and the objectives and needs we aim to reach in out common future. We also experienced the Montessori method as such: firstly, applied to the language learning, using the Quiver app (we were supposed to colour in different pictures: each of us has a different topic- from diverse subject fields like Biology, Geography or Physics, and lately, once we scanned the QR code of the painting, we could see the animation of the painted picture followed by interesting facts translated to 5 languages in the application), and also we see how the Montessori method works in the Maths, using a webpage dedicated to the vector Mathematics. Definitely, we are talking about new, innovative and fun method for students. Then we continued the meeting with the main objective to plan next meetings in Portugal, Romania and Austria.

Moreover we visited some of the most atractive places of the city: we had a great coffe break with golden cakes, we visited the famous Czestochowa church, and, in the night, we had a typical polish dinner with a beer.

The next day we continued with the meetings.

We definitely had a great time spent with our international friends, and the most of all, it was a very productive and enriching event in relation with out objectives of the Montessori methodology. We are looking forward to the upcoming event.