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20154 Milano (MI) IT

June 13, 2024
“Agents for Inclusion: Social Projects Training for Fair and Sustainable Development

  As part of our commitment to the “Agents for Inclusion: Social Projects Training for Fair and Sustainable Development” initiative, Europe for All is proud to announce the successful completion of our training sessions. These sessions were designed to provide clear and actionable information to individuals in our[…]

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Erasmus + KA2 -First LTTA -Enforse Project – MILANO

The LTTA- Milano – Enforse Project KA2 – from 12/09/2021 to 18/19/2021 The training has been done the following titles: Montessori method, from basis to evolution. Program .- the basis of Montessori Method -Montessori Method for adult education -Montessori Method in language teaching -Class management and motivating adults[…]

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Kick off meeting Milano

Kick Off Meeting ENFORSE – MILANO – 14-16 June 2021 Kick off meeting organized in Italy by EUROPE FOR ALL. from 16/0 All project partners have presented their institutions’ mission and vision and its scope and the adult education activities realized by their institution. This meeting is aimed[…]

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December 17, 2020
New Course: Blended classroom integrated digital teaching

New Courses “Blended classroom integrated digital teaching: strategies, tools and methodologies.” The course aims to give basic information on both teaching methodologies. They will come later related to different class management strategies and students’ motivation Points of program: 1 Traditional teaching and new challenges 2 Basic informations about[…]

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